You should pay attention to this when choosing a naturopath

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Many patients see a naturopath as a good alternative to conventional medicine. In surgeries and clinics, there is often no time to take care of a patient for a long time. A naturopath can take more time and look at physical illnesses from a holistic perspective.

The range of alternative practitioners is quite wide, which is why it is difficult to find an alternative practitioner that suits you.

What exactly does a naturopath do?

A naturopath sees the whole body as a unit. Its approach differs greatly from conventional medicine, as it assumes that mental illnesses spread to the body. Therefore, personal problems, previous illnesses, and the current situation are included in the diagnosis.

A naturopath may specialize in a certain healing process, such as physiotherapy, homeopathy, or traditional Chinese medicine.

How to find a naturopath?

Finding a good naturopath is not easy and there are different ways to find one.

Recommendations from friends and family

The most ideal and common form of finding a good naturopath is “word of mouth” propaganda. Ask people around you who have seen a non-medical practitioner and had good experiences with them.

If a naturopath is recommended to you by several people, it will be a good sign that this naturopath is suitable.

Internet search

You can find naturopaths in your area through search portals or simply by searching on Google. For example, type Heilpraktiker Munich, and you will get a variety of results. Information about their specialties and qualifications can be found on Naturopath’s website. On the rating portals, you can find alternative practitioner ratings from other patients.

You can also run one State Office of a Non-Medical Practitioner Association contact. You will find an overview of the naturopaths listed there.

You can pay attention to this when looking for a naturopath

There is one thing you can pay particular attention to see if the naturopath might be right for you.

Naturopath experiences
Also, find out how long the naturopath has been practicing and if they have enough experience.

training and specialization

There is no state-specific training for non-medical practitioners. The non-medical practitioner must pass an examination at the health department, but does not have to have attended a non-medical practitioner school beforehand. After passing the exam, he can practice as a non-medical practitioner and even give injections without having practiced this beforehand.

Therefore, pay attention to the training that the naturopath has undergone.

If the alternative practitioner has specialized in a certain subject and received additional training on that subject, it is better than if he offers all the treatment options.


Also, find out how long the naturopath has been practicing and if they have enough experience.


Ask around you in your entourage if acquaintances have already had an experience with the naturopath. There may also be testimonials the Internet finds. Some pharmacists and contacts in other medical professions may also be able to recommend a naturopath.

Cost transparency

It is important that you receive accurate information in advance about the costs of the naturopath and that you know what you can expect financially. The services must be billed transparently according to the “list of fees for non-physician practitioners”.


Make sure the naturopath explains the treatment options to you in detail and that you have the opportunity to ask questions. A good alternative practitioner should respond to you, your wishes and your ideas.

Your experience after the first date

During an initial appointment, you can see if the alternative practitioner takes enough time for you and accurately records your history and current symptoms. He should also take a look at conventional medical discoveries that have already been made. If the alternative practitioner wants nothing to do with conventional medicine and rejects it completely, this usually comes across as dubious.

During the first appointment, you can take a closer look at the practice and see if you feel comfortable there.

These points can help you find a suitable naturopath. Ultimately, however, intuition decides and you can only find that out in a personal conversation.

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