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Hair loss is a problem that affects thousands of people in Germany alone. The causes could hardly be more different, as well as the manifestation of hair loss. In many patients, Genetic causes of hair loss. Other people suffer from hair loss due to illness or age.

In all these cases, people suffering from hair loss resort to various options to counter this problem.

Hair transplant methods

A proven method is hair transplantation. The principle of hair transplantation is quickly explained. Specifically, medical professionals redistribute existing hair that is implanted in areas of the body affected by hair loss.

The so-called FUT and FUE methods, offered by experienced hair surgeons, have proven their worth.

Experienced hair surgeons offer the FUE technique, in which individual natural hair groups are removed using a microsurgical hollow needle. Only small holes remain, which heal quickly after hair removal and do not need to be sewn up. This procedure is considered a particularly gentle form of removal of individual grafts, but in return, it is very time-consuming..

Peculiarities of the FUE procedure

Unlike the FUE method, hair surgeons remove complete narrow strips of skin in the so-called follicular unit transplantation (FUT method). These strips of skin are removed from the back of the head, including the hair roots, and then processed under a microscope so that they are divided into grafts or individual follicular units. The incision made on the back of the head is stitched to protect the scars.

This leaves only a small line, which however covers the rest of the hair. Unlike the FUE method, this method is more coarse but takes much less time.

A proven method for hair loss is hair transplantation

Autohemotherapy in the fight against hair loss

With thinning hair, autohemotherapy is implemented as an effective measure. This therapeutic approach is intended to help stop hair loss and activate new hair growth. Doctors take the so-called PRP from the blood of affected people, which is injected directly into the hair roots as concentrated blood plasma.

This method aims to achieve an optimal supply of nutrients and to stimulate the formation of new hair follicles through better additional blood circulation.

The micro-pigmentation of the hair also makes it possible to obtain an optical effect. With this method, it is possible to optically increase the density of the hair. In practice, this treatment approach has proven to be particularly effective for women who suffer from long, thinning hair. In this way, hair loss should be optically masked.

Are there home remedies for hair loss?

Anyone hoping for a home remedy to treat hair loss will likely be disappointed. Because home remedies simply have no effect in treating hair loss.

All substances declared presumed effective, such as beer, aloe vera Or coconut oil are useless. Preparations available for sale in pharmacies or drugstores are usually equally ineffective.
Whether the agents contain zinc, biotin, or silica, none of these active ingredients has a positive effect.

Hair loss - Coconut oil
All agents declared presumed effective, such as beer, aloe vera or coconut oil, are useless

Preparations combined with medicinal yeast

A good alternative, however, is often combined preparations that contain medicinal yeast. As far as efficacy is concerned, the first results of the study indicated that these active ingredients have a “certain effect”. However, affected individuals who suffer from the diet- or stress-related hair loss cannot only benefit from a healthy diet or zinc and vitamins. food supplements fight against hair loss.

At the same time, scalp massages and caffeinated tinctures stimulate blood circulation in the hair roots. This effect could in turn counteract hair loss. However, if patients suffer from pathological or hereditary hair loss, the funds do not have the desired effect.

Benefits of the active ingredient Minoxidil

Regular use of a minoxidil solution with a maximum of three percent of the active ingredient results in an aesthetically visible improvement in three out of ten men.

Women suffering from hair loss can also expect a positive effect with this preparation.

It has been proven that this remedy can activate blood flow to the hair follicles and thus stimulate the activity of the hair roots as well. However, the preparation does not promise a 100% chance of success.

How does the active ingredient finasteride work?

According to studies, when taking finasteride, about four out of ten men developed better hair growth after a period of six months to a year.
However, since the drug is taken orally, the active ingredient can also affect hormonal balance. In rare cases, however, affected individuals have to deal with erectile dysfunction, breast growth or depression calculate. However, the drug is not suitable for women.

However, one thing applies to minoxidil and finasteride: if you stop treatment, you should expect a further increase in hair loss. This is why perseverance is required.

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