Trendy sport slackline – balancing act on the rope

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Even more demanding, even more entertaining, new trend sports continue to conquer the hearts of active people. One of these new trending sports is slacklining. Here, young and old indulge in a real balancing act. Straps that do not exceed five centimeters wide are stretched in parks, in the garden, or in the forest in order to balance them.

If you want to prove your balance, coordination, concentration, and absolute body control, you will be excited about this sport.

A particular sporting challenge

Slacklining is – in the truest sense of the word – a balancing act. Here, the slackliners balance on thin tubular strips that are either stretched between two trees or other fixed points.

Slacklining inspires as a sport that anyone can learn. Anyone who’s ever tried a tightrope act usually just can’t get enough.

How does slacklining work?

The sport is explained fairly quickly. Slackliners stretch a band between two trees, then try to balance on it, like walking on a tightrope. Of course, this principle is simple. However, the implementation is much more difficult.

A particular challenge is mastering the shaky rope.

But with a little experience, this challenge can also be mastered well. After only a few hours it is much easier to stand reasonably safely on the band and take the first wobbly steps. After a few days, it is often easy to balance a few steps on the rope. Difficult times are increasingly a thing of the past.

With even more practice, it is already possible to successfully stretch on the slackline. Anyone who has gained enough practice with slacklining can even learn new tricks afterward. Then it is possible, for example, to stretch the rope even higher and stronger. So there is no boredom with the slackline.

With practice, it is possible to complete full stretches on the slackline

A blessing for the treatment of many diseases

On the one hand, the slackline makes people who do sports smile. On the other hand, sport provides plenty of exercises. In addition, the sport requires the muscles, because they must compensate for the swing on the slackline, and can do so Backache prevent. Those who want to train their coordination and concentration will also be enthusiastic about the sport. Therefore, the balancing act on the clamp is generally very beneficial to your own health. In some countries like this Swiss According to one study, slacklining is even used in patients to relieve symptoms of diseases such as multiple sclerosis or stroke.

In addition, the sport has a positive effect in psychotherapy. In general, it is important that patients with mental illness regularly consult Sports conduct. But unlike other sports, anyone can master slacklining. From children to the elderly, from beginners to those who do not like sports – with the slackline quick success is guaranteed. Versatile fun sport is, therefore, a good idea so that entire families can be active in sport.

This disease combines the pleasure of sport and a lot of entertainment

The atypical concept of sport combines physical activity and playful leisure. Regular exercises on the band ensure that the body’s feeling strengthens and well-being improves. Only a few things are needed for the slackline.

Slackline on the tree
Usually, the slackline is fixed between two stable trees

safety measures for children

Normally the rope – the slackline – is fixed between two stable trees.

One end of the slackline has a loop through which the strap is pulled around the tree.

On the other side of the band is a ratchet, which is used to set the desired tension of the string. Especially when it comes to children, it is important to ensure that the ratchet is equipped with additional protection. This protection prevents children from letting go of the taut rope themselves, which could lead to painful bruising.

Slackline without large stable trees

However, if two stable trees are not growing in your own garden, Tighten the slackline without a tree as possible.

In the meantime, some systems have even been designed to allow the slackline to be tensioned without any problems, even without larger trees. An interesting option, for example, is the slackline kit, which is fixed to the ground using pegs.

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