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If you want to succeed in your studies, you need one thing in particular in addition to a high school diploma: enough self-discipline and a sense of organization to master the challenges of your studies as well as possible. On the one hand, these prerequisites are necessary to master the daily life of students and cope with all tasks within the prescribed time. In contrast, writing dissertations and theses is ultimately just a matter of time management.

Good time management is half the battle

Organizing a dissertation begins with documentary research. It is important to organize your time well from the start.

In most cases, it simply doesn’t take long to read and process all of the potentially relevant literature on a specific topic.

If you still want to get an overview of the respective literature, you should first read the summary of the respective text sources. With books, a glance at the table of contents is often enough. In the case of scientific articles, it is advisable to check the abstract. The conclusion is also useful to get an overview of the content and conclusions discussed.

Benefits of the pyramid scheme

the said Ponzi scheme – including reference to new sources via the bibliography based on sources already found – has proven itself in the past. However, this method takes a long time. If you still want to select this system, remember to stray too far from the actual topic. It, therefore, makes sense to reduce this snowball system to a maximum of three to four throws.

In the meantime, many tools are also available as a complement to the Internet available. These online systems are designed to facilitate the organization of read content. For example, these offers offer the possibility of assigning individual passages to different subjects and titles. These tools save a lot of organizational effort and promote good structuring. For any other question concerning documentary research or a plagiarism check, there are also service providers available.

Tips for Conducting a Study

If you also do studies in your homework, you depend on the support of study participants. For simple household or project work, it is usually sufficient to seek the support of friends and family. Alternatively, there are many Internet portals today where students can register their studies and contact test takers. This system works in exchange for your own participation in the study.

By participating in studies, students accumulate points and can in turn support their own research projects.

In order to evaluate these interviews and group discussions, it is then necessary to transcribe their content. Typing audio material is a relatively time-consuming undertaking that costs relatively a lot of time. However, transcription also offers a great advantage. By analyzing the conversations, students intensely process the content from the start. Good to know: A good recording device and good headphones are an important basis for simple study analysis. Some universities even offer free recording devices.

Correct Citation - Essay Writing
Using citations correctly can also take some time.

Correct citation: Know-how

Appropriate use of quotes can also take some time. At the latest after editing, it must finally be marked which content and which quotations belong to which sources. To facilitate these working steps, a sensible system is recommended in which all sources and associated data are assigned to the text. Students can easily create these systems using Excel or Word.

Alternatively, there are tools that support this task. To use these tools, however, it is necessary to use the programs during the bibliographic search and to immediately enter the sources.

Correction or proofreading

Students should allow sufficient time for the correction or editing of a dissertation or thesis. Anyone who only proofreads the work at the last moment has no options left for a period of action. Working with foresight pays off. Indeed, the edition offers the possibility of looking objectively at what has been written and thus gives enough time to the proofreaders.

People who are knowledgeable about the subject and have a good command of German spelling and grammar are particularly well suited as proofreaders.

Anyone still suffering from timing issues might eventually hand out individual chapters to proofreaders. The scope of the correction should also be based on the importance of the respective project. After all, there is no doubt that proofreading a thesis is much more important than a classic dissertation.

The last step: printing the work

Finally, there must be enough time to print the job. This process usually does not take too long. Nevertheless, students should not ignore print time. Some presidents are content with the digital form these days.

But this information should also be binding in this case. After all, it would be a shame to get a bad rating just because the printing time was not taken into account.

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