Is iPhone Repair Worth It?

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A moment of inattention is enough and the iPhone falls to the ground and, to make matters worse, you have no more Smartphone case used. A broken screen is a nuisance. A badly draining battery is another reason to get active. But when is a repair worth it?

Do one or more parts need to be repaired?

There is no general answer to the question of when a repair is worth it. If the respective smartphone is in good condition and relatively expensive, an iPhone repair above all a good decision. However, iPhone owners should think about the need for repair in case the device has several limitations or damages.

After all, repair costs increase significantly if, in addition to repairing screen damage, a worn home button also needs to be replaced.

An interesting option: service packages at a reasonable price

Some repair service providers, therefore, offer service packages that include, for example, screen replacement, new iPhone frames, and changing all buttons and sockets. While these offers are relatively cheap, the investment is worth it in most cases. If you want to save the corresponding costs, you will find on the Internet various video instructions for a display replacement. For example, complete replacement screens for an iPhone 4s are available for around 35 euros on platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

However, a do-it-yourself repair is only suitable for people who have the necessary manual skills.

For a screen replacement After, the necessary skills are needed to open the back and remove screws and small parts. In this case, the cable connections must also be loosened in order to function correctly on the antenna, battery, etc.

In the event of a warranty claim, consult a specialist

After nearly all of the components have been removed from the iPhone, the screws needed to hold the screen are exposed. These screws are loosened and then removed from the frame. Anyone who takes these steps clumsily will, in the worst case, completely destroy the iPhone or smartphone.

What should I do in the event of a warranty claim? In this situation, cell phone owners should urgently avoid touching the devices themselves. If the repair is not carried out by a specialist company certified in this case, the warranty claim expires completely. In this case, it is best to contact a specialist company that grants a guarantee for the repair and any spare parts installed.

Warranty Cover - Iphone Repair
In the event of a warranty claim, mobile phone owners should urgently avoid touching the devices themselves

Dexterity is required for do-it-yourself repairs

If amateur DIYers rely on their own manual skills, there is an increased risk of the actual screen and screen glass sticking together. Some repair guides recommend replacing just the glass rather than the entire screen. The discs cost only a few euros.

However, many hobbyists destroy the screen when trying to repair it, separating the sensor layer and the glass from each other.

Bonding new glass is also a matter of skill. If dust, air bubbles, or dirt are trapped, the particles are permanently visible on the screen. If delicate seals are damaged during the assembly of the device, the protection against moisture or dust may not be complete.

Do retailers offer a legal warranty?

If you want to carry out the repair yourself despite all the risks, you should only buy spare parts from dealers who offer a legal guarantee. On eBay in particular, there are many suppliers based in Asia who deliver to Germany. If the goods are faulty or of inferior quality, it is almost impossible to enforce your own rights.

A reputable dealer or repair service makes it clear to their customers that they do not have genuine smartphone parts. In most cases, however, these suppliers install equivalent spare parts that have been certified by the manufacturer and are therefore also approved. In return, however, the Asian dealers surveyed often claim that they offer genuine parts. But that’s usually not the case. If buyers end up with a faulty replacement part such as an inferior battery, the iPhone will suffer considerable damage in the worst case.

Therefore, every smartphone or iPhone owner should consider whether a professional repair is not the best decision when in doubt. After all, it is not necessarily the Apple specialist who performs the repair.

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