How effective are diet formulas?

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So-called formula diets advertise that meals are replaced by special shakes that still contain all the nutrients the body needs. This very simply explains the principle of the classic diet formula. Instead of solid foods, you eat one to three meals a day through the shakes.

These shakes consist of a finished powder, cow or vegetable milk or water, and a small amount of oil. Alternatively, there are also producers who already offer diet formulas in ready-to-use mixtures.

Every beginning is difficult: The first phase

The classic formula diet still follows a similar principle. Classically, the slimming cure takes place in three phases. The first phase of the Formula Diet is probably the most difficult. For the first three to seven days, depending on your weight loss goal, you completely abstain from solid foods and drink a shake morning, noon, and night.

In addition, tea, mineral water and vegetable broth are allowed. This diet will cause significant weight loss, especially in the first few days.

Phase Two: Ongoing Weight Reduction

The second phase is designed to continuously reduce body weight. While you usually eat a healthy meal at noon, a shake is on the nutritional schedule in the morning and evening. Continue this diet until you have reached your desired weight.

But beware: phase two should not exceed a maximum of four weeks without medical supervision.

Weight stabilization in the third phase

The purpose of this phase is to stabilize the weight. In addition, the body gradually gets used to normal food again. During this time, you drink only one shake a day, preferably in the evening. Also, eat two balanced meals a day. In this way, the body gradually adapts to the new diet.

According to the recommendations of doctors, this strategy is advised in order to maintain the desired weight over a longer period of time. One possibility is to permanently integrate the taking of a shake into the daily rhythm. In this way, calories can be permanently saved.

Diet Shakes Formula Ingredients
It is not the producers who decide the ingredients of the shakes, but the legislator

What ingredients do the shakes contain?

Incidentally, it is not the producers who decide on the ingredients of the shakes, but the legislator.

In this country, the ingredients of dietetic preparations are prescribed by the Ordinance on dietetic foods.

Thus, all shakes intended to replace a complete meal must contain between 200 and 400 kilocalories. In addition, the protein content of the food should be 25-50% of the calories, but should not exceed a maximum of 125 grams per day. In addition, a maximum of 30 percent fat and 4.5 grams linoic acid per daily ration are legally stipulated. When taking the shakes, consumers should consume 10 to 30 grams of fiber per day. In general, the mothered diet should guarantee a daily calorie intake of 800-1200 kcal per day.

What distinguishes a good shake?

The Formula Shake market includes many products from more or less well-known suppliers. According to the statements of nutrition experts, it is therefore all the more important to select a quality formula. This is why it is advisable to use high-quality protein. A crucial quality criterion for formula shakes is digestibility. The human body is particularly good at transforming the proteins contained in milk and dairy products. These proteins include casein, whey concentrates, isolates, whole milk powder, or whey protein. Other high-quality proteins are obtained from soybeans, peas, beans, or rice.

It is also worth mentioning the correct protein and carbohydrate content, which also follows medical recommendations. 100 grams of powder can contain a maximum of ten grams of carbohydrates and over 50 grams of protein. Ideally, the protein content is around 60-70 grams.

Who is the diet formula suitable for?

A mothered diet is particularly suitable for people who are severely overweight or have a BMI over 30 (obesity) Suffer. These people initially achieve particularly rapid success, so a good start towards a permanent change in diet is guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you only want to lose a few pounds, you can do the diet in a weaker form from the start and replace some meals with shakes.

This diet requires discipline

However, it should be remembered that the formula diet requires a high degree of discipline. The taste variety of the shakes quickly reaches its limits with versions in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. In the first days, in particular, the motivation is certainly still high. But we quickly become cravings to adapt to solid food. Nevertheless, a motivating start is usually inevitable due to the quickly visible weight loss.

Implementing the formula diet may seem easier than it actually is. Anyone who chooses this form of diet can only achieve their desired goals through iron discipline, a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and Sports reach. However, anyone aware of these consequences should definitely try the “Shaken” experiment.

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