Home office – opportunities for employers and employees?

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Working from home can be a good alternative in some industries to make working life better and more individual. In general, however, this model is not advantageous for all sectors. Nevertheless, thanks to today’s technology, there are more and more possibilities that make it possible to work from home.

During corona crisis, the world of work may change over time and another type of work may find its place. The home office can be an opportunity to make everyday work different and more family-friendly. In this way, the future can be designed particularly individually.

Benefits for employees working from home

The home office has many advantages, especially for employees. One of them is that you can work directly from home. This way it is possible that other things in the household can be done directly at times when there is little work to be done. In addition, depending on the work, time can be better and more individually divided, so that a better work-life balance May occur.

In addition, it is true that in the home office, time management can be designed more individually. Daily trips to work are also eliminated. In times of increasing traffic congestion, this is also an important factor that can increase the quality of life itself. The working day itself can thus be used more efficiently. In the best case, it means you have more free time.

Disadvantages for home office workers

There are also a number of disadvantages for home office workers. On the one hand, concentration in the home office is not always there. It often happens that many things in the apartment distract from the actual work.

It is not uncommon for distraction to occur and as a result some jobs may take longer than normal in some cases.

It is also true that, of course, there is usually a separate place for the Set up a home office must become. In some apartments, this is usually difficult to do. In the home office, there is often a lack of communication with colleagues on certain problems at work. In this case, social contacts are limited.

The more daylight reaches the workplace, the more pleasant the working atmosphere
Despite the physical distance, the employer can still contact the employee if necessary

Benefits of teleworking for employers

A home office for employees also has certain advantages for employers. On the one hand, it happens that the employer is not used to arranging a workplace for the employee in the company and can therefore save space and costs at the location itself.

In addition, despite the physical distance, the employer can still contact the employee if necessary and hold meetings, for example. Thus, a certain amount of support is guaranteed, in particular for employees with children. The home office employee can take care of the child, for example in case of illness. In this case, absenteeism would usually have occurred while working in the company.

Disadvantages for employers with a home office

However, the employer also has some disadvantages when employees work from home. On the one hand, there are corresponding costs for setting up the home workplace at the start. These can be a little higher than when the employee works in the company.

The employee is not always immediately available for any questions or the like.

Moreover, the employer does not have a precise overview of the efficiency with which the employee uses his working time. When working from home, some trust in the employee is also essential. This is particularly the case with regard to data protection.


The topic of a home office is an important topic for employees and employers in the future. According to the design of this working model, it is possible to increase efficiency. However, it is necessary that an appropriate solution be found both for the employee’s claims and for the employer’s claims. Once such a model has been found and the work is well established, the home office can become a model of success for both parties.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that working from home is not feasible for all sectors and for all jobs. It is important that when working from home, both parties benefit and have some advantages.

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