Home massage – useful tips and tricks

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A good massage is a blessing for the body and soul. Relax and leave all the stress of everyday life behind. This goal is quickly achieved with a massage in your own four walls. However, in order for a massage not to achieve the desired goal, you must meet certain requirements.

Warm, sheltered rooms as an important basis

A good ambiance for a relaxing massage creates a warm, sheltered space where you are not disturbed. Decorative accessories like flowers, scents, or candles contribute to this atmosphere. Relaxing music creates a similar mood.

A massage should not be without natural massage oil. Alternatively, high-quality massage gel essential oils or massage lotions into consideration.

A relaxing atmosphere is especially important during a massage

Find conversation

An effective massage must be linked to a conversation with the massage partner. In this conversation, you can ask, for example, in which areas of the body there is physical tension. At best, the massage aims to massage these areas of the body more consciously and for a little longer.

Questions are not only allowed during the massage, but are also expressly desired in some cases.

Among other things, the question arises whether the massage is too strong or can be even more intense.

Tips for adjusting a massage table

Equally important is finding a relaxed position for everyone involved. The more relaxed the masseur feels during the massage, the more that feeling affects the other person. If you even own a massage table, you need to adjust it to the correct height so that you can increase the pressure using your own body weight.

If no massage table is available, a comfortable place on the floor is certainly a good alternative. In this place of well-being, mats, woolen blankets or sheets should not be missing as a cover or undercover. For a relaxed position, it is advisable to stretch a pillow under the hollow of the knees while lying on your back. A regular change of floor massage position also creates well-being. Powerful messages are pleasant for both sides. Additionally, tools such as a massage gun are sensitive support for a relaxing massage.

If there is no massage table, carpets, woolen blankets or sheets should not be missing as a blanket or under-blanket

Slowly create a relaxed atmosphere

Especially at the beginning of the massage, nothing should be rushed. On the approach, it is important that both sides arrive and fully engage in the atmosphere. As a masseur, consciously let your hands rest on your partner’s body. Feel the contact and follow your own impulses of movement.

Awareness of massage develops on both sides, as both sides consciously ask open-ended questions.

In addition, inventiveness is required. Because what stands in the way of trying out new massages? Of course, it is important to maintain contact with the other person throughout the massage. It’s the only way to know how the other person is feeling.

This is how massage works

The art of conscious touch is all about taking your time and consciously performing massages. Be aware of the sensations you feel on your hands. When massaging, rub the oil or gel into your hands to distribute it slowly and evenly over the skin. Follow the impulses of your hands and relax yourself and your counterpart.

A good massage is performed with careful contact with the skin, the entire palms and heels of the hands, thumbs, and fingers. Long, gentle strokes also contribute to the relaxing effect, as do circular strokes. In combination with alternate deletions, a feel-good effect quickly sets in.

Touch pain points particularly intensely

If the massage partner suffers from pain points (called trigger points), confront them tactfully. Ask the person in front of you what massage intensity is comfortable. If necessary, it is absolutely advisable to stay longer in these areas of the body in order to release the tense tissues.

Every massage partner certainly has body points where touch is particularly beneficial.

You need to be especially careful and stay in these places for a long time. You must continue these touches until the end of the massage and let them flow again, especially in the finale. Give yourself and your partner time to let the massage end. It is then time to wash your hands with cold water.

The pleasure of massage

An important prerequisite for a pleasant and soothing massage is that you enjoy being massaged. The two parts of the massage must agree to make the most of the caresses.

Relax and put yourself in the place of the massaged person. In this way, you automatically realize how pleasant the touches are.

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