Healthy return to the home office: useful tips and tricks

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Whether it’s a bed, an armchair, or a table – none of these places in your own four walls is an ideal place to work. But in times of the coronavirus, thousands of people are missing home office-Conditions nothing else left. (Create your own home office: useful tips and tricks)

A possible consequence is then Backache, which can however be avoided. Because if you regularly change your workplace and your sitting position, your back will automatically be pampered.

Regularly changing position is good for your health

Of course, a feel-good oasis like the sofa is not a good permanent option for the home office. Nevertheless, an occasional change of position is a good idea to regularly relax the joints and muscles.

If you are looking for more variety in your search for a suitable workplace, you can also use a bar table. If there is also a choice of higher worktops or kitchen counters on your four walls, these areas are also well suited for the home office.

Phone on the go

If these solutions are not available in your home, you can certainly do some standing work. A good example are phone calls, where employees working from home can easily go back and forth.

On the one hand, each step of the movement is a blessing for the body. On the other hand, these movements automatically relieve the back.

Desktop screen bar
Screen bars, for example, allow more intensive illumination of the desk

Pay attention to good light sources

In addition, it is advisable to effectively illuminate workplaces. After all, insufficient light does not only harm the eye. In addition, incorrect posture caused by a lack of light sources could also damage the back. This is the case, for example, if you lean too far forward at work for a long time.

Matching desk for the home office

Anyone who is going to be working from home permanently or staying on-site for a longer period of time should consider buying a suitable desk that suits their own needs well. In this consideration should also height adjustable desks be understood. Depending on the employer, there may be suitable home office equipment or at least a subsidy for it. Two positive aspects can be combined with a height-adjustable desk: On the one hand, the perfect desk height can be adjusted according to your own needs. On the other hand, working standing up also allows for the necessary variety and change of position. It is also a good way to regain momentum when you are tired, for example after lunch.

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