Get fit in spring: with these tips

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Spring is here. Now it becomes all the more uncomfortable when your pants pinch and your favorite shirt no longer fits. However, if you hope for a miracle on the way to your dream figure, you will of course be disappointed. Because there are no magic exercises or tricks with which the body’s own fat magically melts away. Even if it’s just a few extra pounds, those pounds can still significantly reduce the feeling of well-being in your own body.

Burn more calories than you consume

It’s a simple rule: the body loses weight when it burns more calories than it takes in. Movement plays an important role here. Because the more you eat, the more exercise your body needs. Success usually does not come quickly, but unfortunately painfully slowly. But the fight is worth it.

First golden rule: do not ban foods, but adjust the quantities

If you only eat vegetables and cottage cheese for a long time, you can certainly expect your first successes quickly. But with this form of nutrition, the pounds on your hips come back quickly.

However, if you constantly pay attention to it, less Pizza And Pasta Eating and eating more wholemeal bread or fruit instead is an important step in the right direction. It is therefore important not to forbid any food, but to adjust the quantities.

Second golden rule: movement is a must

However, a simple diet change is not enough. A good mix of patience, exercise, and diet leads to long-term success.

The facts speak for themselves. If you run three times a week for one hour each time, you lose 200 grams of body weight per week with the same energy intake. Small advances like this only become noticeable on the scale after a long time. But if you consistently stick to this plan, you can expect to lose over ten pounds after a year.

Third golden rule: training does not give you the right to stuff yourself

Frequent training also automatically causes an increased feeling of hunger. But calorie consumption can also be easily calculated during running training. If a 70-kilogram runner runs a distance of 10 kilometers, he has lost about 700 kilocalories. It’s not even the equivalent of a pizza with around 800 calories, to give just one example.

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In general, several small training sessions make more sense than one long one anyway.

Fourth golden rule: it is better to train several times briefly than once for a long time

An important constant is the weekly total distance. After all, those who ultimately drive more miles also automatically consume more calories. Rhythm plays only a minor role in endurance sports like running. In general, several small workouts make more sense than one long one anyway. Since metabolism is activated for a few hours after training anyway, the body then burns even more calories at rest.

Fifth Golden Rule: Persevere

Of course, an important recipe for weight loss success is to stay on the ball. After a two-day break, it’s definitely a good time to do another 30-minute workout.

All beginnings are difficult. But if the muscles then feel a bit stronger and breathing becomes easier, the first training effect will set in quickly. Then the right summer figure is certainly only a matter of time.

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