Finding the right mobile phone accessories: essentials for your smartphone

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Nowadays, smartphones are our constant companions. If you want to facilitate the use of your mobile phone and protect it effectively, you should not do without accessories either.

But which mobile phone accessories make sense or, in turn, are completely useless? We present the most important gadgets.

Cell phone cases provide protection for smartphones

Cases are irreplaceable these days. After all, smartphones are relatively expensive devices and therefore need to be well protected. So if you want to buy a cell phone case, you can choose from a huge selection of accessories. Whether it’s a flip case, a bumper, or a waterproof outer cover. Everyone must make this choice for themselves.

Advantages of car mounts

The car holders have also proven themselves in everyday life. In particular, the holders are useful, with which drivers can always keep the device in view when traveling. It is then possible, for example, to use the smartphone as a navigation device. After all, it is forbidden on German roads to take your mobile phone while driving. These car mounts can be attached to the dashboard, window, or ventilation grille.

Other phone holders are designed to be anchored in a cup holder. It is important to be able to flexibly adapt the smartphone to your personal field of vision. Holders that can also be used to charge the smartphone wirelessly are particularly recommended. This small but nice feature makes handling the mobile phone much easier.

Use Wireless Power Banks

Power banks are no longer unknown to smartphone owners. These devices are suitable for charging iPhones via Apple Lightning or Android smartphones with a USB cable.

Smartphone wireless charging
Wireless chargers are now available in the market which cell phone owners can simply place their smartphones on.

But charging is now even easier. After all, wireless chargers are now available in the market that cell phone owners can simply place their smartphones on. Then this device charges the smartphone. This mode of application is particularly practical. However, mobile phone charging time is a bit longer compared to the wired connection. But power banks promise flexibility if the cell phone needs to be picked up during the charging process. In general, the rule applies: the higher the capacity of the external batteries, the bigger and heavier the batteries. Good to know: External batteries are even allowed on the plane and are therefore ideal for traveling.

Does the smartphone even use the wireless charging function?

In exchange comes the so-called wireless charging However, only smartphones that support this feature are considered. Examples are the iPhone 8, Galaxy S6, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. If cell phones support fast charging functions such as Quick Charge, cell phone owners should also adapt the power bank to the requirements of the smartphone. This allows mobile phone users to save a lot of charging time.

Tips for music fans

Finally, music lovers enjoy a wide variety of exciting cell phone accessories. For example, jukeboxes are suitable for all smartphone users who often want to listen to music on the go. Today there are many suppliers such as Ultimate Ears or JBL who have specialized in particularly high-end loudspeakers. You can choose from good waterproof and compact boxes that impress with long battery life and good sound quality. Incidentally, USB rechargeable models are particularly recommended. Because then a power bank could alternatively recharge the cases if the internal battery is empty.

On the other hand, if you want to listen to music alone on the go and not disturb others with it, you should opt for Bluetooth headphones. Wireless in-ear headphones certainly have a practical appeal. However, the battery life of the True Wireless models is relatively short. For example, Apple offers AirPods for pure music enjoyment. Samsung, on the other hand, prefers its own Galaxy Buds. Incidentally, it is also well known that smartphone users need an iPhone to use Apple’s accessories. Conversely, Galaxy Buds can also be connected to an iPhone. However, it is important not to overlook system-specific features.

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